Piton Flexible Duct Machines

The production and design of flexible duct production lines, our machines are used worldwide. Our machines are; PVC Duct Machine, Laminate Machine, Flexible Ducts And Packing Machine, Duct Connector Machine, Semi Flex Machine, Pin Machine & Wire Equipment.

Parosha Innovators B.V.

Parosha Innovators B.V. Innovations in the field of sustainability. That’s what keeps us, Parosha Innovators B.V., busy every day. Finding a combination between originality and technical understanding. Solutions that contribute to the sustainability of society, solutions that matter. With as starting point: people & environment.

“We create innovative solutions on the basis of complex questions”

In the past Parosha Innovators B.V. already delivered several innovations that contributed to this idea. Innovations for the sectors; offshore & maritime, industrial, robotic and agriculture.

Parosha International B.V.

Parosha International B.V. is an international operating sales organization, which in cooperation with Parosha Innovators B.V. delivers worldwide innovations for the sectors; offshore & maritime, industrial, robotic and agriculture.

Parosha International B.V. strives for long-term sustainable (international) relationships, where customer satisfaction is highly valued.

Mowing Solutions B.V.

Mowing Solutions B.V., solutions for grass fields and turfgrass. Manufacturer of the Green Clipper. An electrically powered lawn mowing system. The Green Clipper is available in different models. The Green Clipper Compact, Green Clipper Sport, Green Clipper Sport ++ , Green Clipper 3, Green Clipper 5 and Green Clipper Sport XL. Mowing Solutions BV also supplies all the spare parts.

The uniquely of the Green Clipper is the electric drive. This avoids the risk of oil leakage. In addition, the Green Clipper is very quiet, has low maintenance and is energy efficient. The necessary electricity is generated by means of a generator driven tractor PTO shaft.

Parosha Safetybag

Parosha Safetybag is the manufacture of the Steelbag. The Steelbag provides protection to your valuable possessions. When it comes to business-critical documents or valuable equipment such as: laptops, tablets, cameras etc. The Steelbag protects them all. You can rest assured leave your valuables in the office, car or hotel room.

The Steelbag is available in the versions Compact, Business, Business XL, Business XL Plus, Traveller, Traveller Plus and Office. The Steelbag is optionally supplied with a steelcable (5 mm or 10mm) or a Quicklock cable. Through the Quicklock cable you can fasten the Steelbag without opening the case.

Parosha Cheatah GOSAFER

The Parosha Cheatah GOSAFER is one of the innovations of Parosha Innovators B.V. Born from the idea to reduce human lives at high-risk situations. The Parosha Cheatah GOSAFER is a multifunctional robot called UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle), which can be used by emergency services.

This was developed in-house and extensively tested in various circumstances. Equipped with a variety of instruments the Parosha Cheatah GOSAFER distinction from other UGV's.

Zwette Machinebouw B.V.

Zwette Machinebouw B.V. , strong steel from Frisian. Is engaged in the manufacture, assembly and development about everything related to mechanical engineering and metal and plate processing. Of the supply of complete equipment, overhaul & maintenance up to producing parts & structures.

Zwette Machinebouw B.V. can perform the following operations. CNC milling, CNC turning, Conventional milling & turning, TIG welding, MIG & MAG welding, Wire EDM, Round and flat grinding, Harden and many more.